Soft Riot | The Outsider In The Mirrors
Release Date  2017
Format  Digital / LP / CD / Cassette
Record Label(s) 

Possession Records

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The Outsider In The Mirrors is the sixth full-length release by Soft Riot and the second on Possession Records, a new label started up by JJD and friends Claudia (Hausfrau) and Andy (Ubre Blanca) based out of Glasgow.

Starting with the debut No Longer Stranger, Soft Riot’s initial creations were about about exploring the corners of an inner world that reflected the one on the outside. This sound started gathering momentum with the following two albums with the resulting output containing energy and elements from more “pop” driven compositions. With The Outsider In the Mirrors however there is a noticeable shift. It’s about wanting to break out and connect with the outside.

And this shows. Unlike the previous albums where most of the tracks were written in the isolation of the studio and then performed live, the majority of the tracks on The Outsider In The Mirrors were shaped and formed in live performances across Europe along with the people and experiences that came along the way.

The sonic and compositional details have more confidence and direction. The trademark Soft Riot sounds developed over previous albums are messed with more; and decorated over bolder song-writing. The stylised whispered vocals of previous albums have shifted a more unique baritone more in line with JJD’s natural, raw voice. Soft Riot’s experience of playing years in bands ushers in the feeling of a “band” with this collection of songs, but with no actual new members added into the mix.

Pre-orders for this record start in November 2017 will an “early-bird” release for pre-orders coming shortly thereafter. The official release date for stores and worldwide will be Feb 2nd, 2018.

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“The Outsider In The Mirrors” Promotional Film

  1. The Eyes On The Walls
  2. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize
  3. Now World Romancer
  4. Waiting For Something Terrible To Happen
  5. You See How They Burn
  6. He's Gone Underground
  7. The Saddest Music In The World
  8. The Outsider In The Mirrors