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20 January 2016

The Soft Riot Playlist Header
Originally airing this past Monday, January 18th on the Doncaster Electronic Foundation‘s weekly Monday night show, I was asked to provide a playlist of songs that I had some connection or personal engagement with. The playlist is likely a bit of an oddball mix of songs given that my musical interests when I was young were a bit unorthodox. Given that there’s a few “lost” gems in there including 90s synthesizer/post-hardcore band The VSS and their one album “Nervous Circuits”, some lesser known Canadian synth bands from back in the day as well as some tracks from projects I was involved in that have been dragged out of the vaults. READ MORE

A Video For Your Entertainment

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12 January 2016

For Your Entertainment — Still ImageHere we are in 2016 and this is the first entry on for the new year, back with a new promotional video for the track “For Your Entertainment” off of the recent album You Never Know What Might Come Next. It’s a glitched out, black satire of the modern media-drenched world we live in. Descriptive words might include: Absurd, frightening and psychotic.I’ve opted for a more personal statement regarding this premiere so here goes: READ MORE

Soft Riot | Live in Berlin | 11 Nov 2015 | Photo by Hicran Ergen

Berlin @ Loophole, 11 Nov 2015. Photo by Hicran Ergen.

It has now been a few days since returning from an absolutely incredible string of nine shows with friends Uncanny Valley and Hausfrau in the UK and Europe. Thanks to all the promoters and friends who helped us out as well as the people who came out to the shows. It definitely put this rather wonky year of 2015 back onto the right track!

There are further shows going into 2016, including dates in UK and Germany and then elsewhere abroad — all in the works. Check the Live Events section for more information.

Here is a video clip containing segments of live performance from the December tour taken in Gateshead UK and Bremen DE. Songs in this clip include “A Scene From A Dark Beach”, “The Eyes On The Walls” (new track, currently unreleased) and “Cinema Eyes”:


"Quality Soundtracks For Modern Dread" T-Shirt

“Quality Soundtracks For Modern Dread” T-Shirt

This entry covers a number of different things going, mainly about live tour dates this autumn as well as a few things that will soon be available in for purchase. First off, the Soft Riot store will very soon have copies of the vinyl format for You Never Know What Might Come Next. EXBTN Records is currently selling them through their own site but will be available through distributors such as Domestica, Dark Entries, Mannequin and so on.

In the meantime some new non-music merchandise has been produced in the form of a t-shirt. The first batch of Soft Riot shirts have been long out of print. This one features a new graphic and the phrase “Quality Soundtracks For Modern Dread” for those suffering from modern living out there. You can buy it here. Note that all online orders for this shirt will ship out around November 6th — possibly before that.

There may be some possible short run editions of some recordings that will be available for purchase in digital/CD and/or cassette format in the coming winter, including a more “official” short-run release of all the remix work done to date, inclusive of remixes by such artists as Keluar, Lebanon Hanover, Attrition, Celebration, A Terrible Splendour and more. Further information on this will come a bit later on toward the end of the year.

Live show dates start this Friday in Paris with Parade Ground and then following at a string of dates with Uncanny Valley (a new London band including Owen formerly of Noi Kabát) and Hausfrau (from Glasgow). Dates are subject to change but here’s how it’s looking now:

Finally, some words from Peek-a-boo Magazine about the new record:

You Never Know What Might Come Next is the fifth album of Soft Riot and again Jack surrounds himself with many analogue synths, with which he creates danceable and melancholic tunes. Jack actually does the same what James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem did: filtering the best out the 80s and creating with these sound patches a personal identity. And that he did, added with some sarcastic lyrics. 

“You never know what comes next”, he mumbles in the title track, which is also true for the CD. You always have the idea that you’ve heard it before (from Paul Haig, Talking Heads to Severed Heads), but in the end you end up with Soft Riot. Is it art-punk or just ice cold Italo disco, who knows?

Soft Riot is the perfect proof that recycling still works and that you can even do something entirely new with it, at least if you choose the right names! A must for lovers of quirky synth music!


Vinyl version of new album shipping now

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23 September 2015

Soft Riot | You Never Know What Might Come Next | LP coverOut officially on September 19th on the Paris-based label EXBTN Records, the vinyl version of the newest album You Never Know What Might Come Next is now available for ordering and shipping on their website. Copies of the record will soon be available in the Soft Riot store as well.

The vinyl version features the artwork in silver and black ink as well as a digital download code for the album. The digital version of this album is of course available, along with the limited edition CD of the album which will soon be out of stock.

You can play the album on the player below and buy your copy from there.

Here’s an in-depth feature on the album on the UK music blog Friedrichstrasse:

Friedrich Strasse: Soft Riot-You Never Know What Might Come Next

Friedrich Strasse: Soft Riot-You Never Know What Might Come Next“You Never Know What Might Come Next”…further develops and fine-tunes Soft Riot’s evolving minimal, atmospheric sound that started gaining momentum on the…

Finally, Soft Riot will be out playing shows in the UK and Europe in the fall, starting with dates in Sheffield for the Sensoria Festival and then in Paris with the legendary Parade Ground. In November there’ll be a week-and-a-half long tour of the UK and Europe with friends Uncanny Valley (Owen from Noi Kabát‘s new band) and Hausfrau from Glasgow. Check out the Live Events section for more details.

If you would like Soft Riot to perform in your city, please .