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20 July 2017

Over the summer of 2017 SOFT RIOT will be playing local shows in Glasgow, keeping the synth ship warm and running while a lot of final preparations are being made for the next album, “The Outsider In The Mirrors” before going to production in a couple of months for release on Possession Records. More announcements in due course as it’s all under wraps for now. Further shows in the UK will occur in the autumn and once the new record rolls out to the masses, going further field for performance should occur moving into the new year. Hold onto your hats in the meantime.

Photo: Soft Riot live at Shoot Your Shot (Glasgow, June 2017). Photo by Tiu Makkonen.


Afraid Of The Dark & Paperhouse

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20 July 2017

Afraid Of The Dark | eyeI’ve managed to write a list of films to put into this Film Klub so here we are at it again with two films within one post. The reason for this “double bill” is that sometimes I’ll watch one film and then research other films that might be similar. In this case I had watched the film Afraid Of The Dark (Mark Peploe, 1991) and then months later watched Paperhouse (Bernard Rose, 1988).

Although seeing the two films on two completely separate occasions I was struck by the similar aesthetics and themes running through the both films. In fact, I get a sense of a micro-genre of UK films coming out around this time, when the 80s were ending and going into the 90s — a micro-genre of young adult films where there is a young, child protagonist who gets pulled into a dark fantasy where the child’s mind starts blurring this fantasy and reality. The late 80s UK mini-series Moondial fits into this group as well, but for now we’re just looking at the two films aforementioned.

Afraid Of The Dark focuses around a young boy named Lucas who lives with his family in a neighbourhood in London. Lucas is soft-spoken and has very bad eyesight, therefore requiring him to wear very thick glasses. These glasses have a strong visual element in the film. Both Lucas’s parents and other characters in the film share concern about Lucas’s worsening eyesight. The film progresses into a strange mystery/thriller where Lucas is convinced there’s a murderer stalking in his neighbourhood and plays around with the concept that you’re unsure if this is just in the young boy’s head, or if it’s actually happening. READ MORE

The archive of select flyers from Soft Riot shows over the years has been given update, including the first SOFT RIOT show in London in June 2011 until the present. Since then performances have been played in many locations, including other locations in the UK as well as other countries including France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Russia and more…

After The Lands Of Europe

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17 May 2017

Soundcheck in Barcelona

Soundcheck in Barcelona, 17 March 2017

Many thanks to friends, fans, show-goers and promoters who partipated in the numerous Soft Riot shows that happened across Europe this spring. It was a great chance to try out new songs that will be on the forthcoming LP to be released hopefully in the later months of this year.

Now having being landed back in Glasgow, there’s a number of more local UK dates posted in the live events section with a few more to be announced in the near future.

It’s been a very busy past year for me personally, sometimes too busy to allow one to properly think and be creative. For the next few months I’ll be pulling the reigns back and making time to develop ideas for a number of video projects, some to promote tracks of the upcoming album but also other, more experiment concepts that have been drumming around in my mind for a couple of years now that I haven’t really have had the time to properly develop.

There is much more to come and more news on that to come soon enough! In the meantime you can check out an archive of flyers over the years that have been updated in the Images section.

The Lands Of Europe 2017

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02 March 2017

Soft Riot | The Lands Of Europe 2017 | Tour Date PosterSOFT RIOT is playing a number of shows over the next couple of months in select locations in Europe. You can check these out as a summary on the poster in this post or go to the Live Events page to get more details on these. Thanks again for your support.