Having been into the music of Celebration for a long time as well as their previous projects such as Love Life and Jaks, it was great to be able to connect with the band and have them offer their source material to create this version of the track “Razor’s Edge”.

This is Soft Riot’s version of Celebration’s “Razor’s Edge” which was originally released on Celebration’s latest album “Albumin” released this past fall on Bella Union. This version was re-arranged and recorded in November 2013. It until now has not be made public but now available as a free download. You can buy “Albumin” from Bella Union here:…umin-pre-order

Radio Berlin Back Catalogue Re-issued

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04 February 2015

Radio Berlin was a band I was in from 1998 to 2005, playing guitar, synths and handling 1/2 of the vocals. The group disbanded around ten years ago now and since then all of the albums have pretty much gone out of print. Within the last month or two myself and the other former members have decided to re-issue the three main albums Sibling (1999), The Selection Drone (2001) and Glass (2003) digitally, complete with extra bonus tracks, for anyone that might want to listen.

An archival site has been set up (link below) with photos, information on the band as well as links and preview players to the three albums located on BandCamp. Full information on each release is available on each album’s BandCamp page.

Radio Berlin was a four piece band from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Formed in 1998, the band released numerous, well-received albums. With a sound best described as rhythmic postpunk/new wave with early ‘goth’ stylings, Radio Berlin garnered many welcome comparisons to bands like Pornography-era Cure, Joy Division, Wire, Josef K, and Siouxsie and the Banshees, only backed by the rhythm section one would expect from a band like Clikatat Ikatowi. Having played with peers such as of The Locust, I Am Spoonbender, The Faint, Vue, Add N To X, Interpol, Ted Leo, The Organ and Camera Obscura (not the Scottish band), Radio Berlin rocked out with a hypnotic live show.

Radio Berlin | 1998-2005 | Archive

Radio Berlin | 1998-2005 | Archive Berlin were a post-punk group from Vancouver, existing between 1998-2005. Their three main albums have been digitally re-released in February 2015.

Der Hammer : DJ JJD Selections 01

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01 February 2015

Der Hammer logoIt’s been a couple of years now but here’s finally a new mix on this site! Along with activities with Soft Riot, I’m also curating a club night in Sheffield called Der Hammer and this mix is selection of tracks I’ve been playing at our first couple of events containing tracks by classic artists as well as new and active artists in the general synthesizer category: synthpop, electro, italo, minimal wave, Neue Deutsche Welle, old school EBM and more. If you want to find out more about the night, live in the Sheffield area and want invites to future events, please join our group here for more information. Here is a track list:

Excerpt from “Sheffield: City On The Move”
The Human League | A Crow And A Baby
Bal Paré | Palais d’Amour
M&G | When I Let You Down
White Car | The Bridge
Simple Minds | Changeling
Martin Dupont | Inside Out
Geneva Jacuzzi | Do I Sad?
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft | Absolute Body Control
Japan | European Son
Transfigure | Nothing More, Only Less
Alles | My
Sur Une Plage | Restaurant
Yazoo | Situation
Nacht Analyse | Mann Von Nebenan
Victrola | Maritime Tatami
Sally Dige | Doppelgänger
The Cure | Primary
Berndsen | Game Of Chance
Parade Ground | Gold Rush
Fad Gadget | Fireside Favourites

DER HAMMER / DJ JJD Selections 01 by Softriot on Mixcloud

For Your Entertainment: A January Sale

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02 January 2015

Soft Riot January 2015 Sale itemsWhile the wind howls in the stark winter sun outside, the Soft Riot store has been prepped up for a sale for all of January 2015 on BandCamp-run store!


All items purchased in the shop will get a 20% discount by entering the discount code foryourentertainment until 31 January 2015.

Cassette and digital versions of the instrumental album Some More Terror are available for purchase, and for the month of January digital-only versions of Fiction Prediction and No Longer Stranger can be purchased as well.

There are still Fiction Prediction silk-screen posters available as well, and will be included with all purchases of £15 (before discount, pre-shipping) or more that include at least one vinyl record*. These posters were printed by Jonas Ranson of Blacklist Editions in London.

Still available are vinyl 12″ copies and digital versions of the one and only EP by Savage Furs, a short lived London group (2009-2011) consisting of myself (JJD), Chris Flatline of Mild Peril and Del Jae, the mastermind behind the new and exciting Futurismo Inc. record label.

These are all made available in one place as a one-stop shop. T-Shirts are currently sold out but a new design for 2015 should be in the making soon. Thanks for your support and see you all further on in the new year.

* While supplies last. At the time of this post there’s only 10 left of the original edition of 50. Bonus posters will be folded up with the records so will need to be laid flat or pressed before usage for optimum display.

The Last Day of 2014

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31 December 2014

Soft Riot live at Der Hammer in Sheffield, Nov 2014. Photo by Mo Dettes

Live at the first Der Hammer in Sheffield, Nov 2014. Photo by Mo Dettes.

Having returned from a great show last night in London, it’s now 6.30pm here in Sheffield. There’s still snow outside but it’s going to be trumped by rain very, very soon.

This is just a short message to thank everyone for their support in 2014. There were a lot of cities in Europe (and one in North America!) that were performed in as well as seeing old friends from around everywhere and meeting new ones.

Soft Riot moved its base to Sheffield UK in mid-2014 and the scene here has been very supportive so far. I’m looking forward to further involvement here in the new year, with the Der Hammer night I co-run with MM Lyle of Marcel Wave as well as all people we know here.

Moving into the new year there will a proper follow up album to Fiction Prediction out in spring 2015. Thanks to Owen Pratt from Flesh & Bone Studios for helping mix it and Desire Records for taking it on.

In January there will be a sale on records and other merchandise through the Soft Riot online store. More details on that next week.

So have fun out there tonight, whether you’re staying in with a few good friends or a loved one or out there celebrating it in excess. We’ll see you in 2015 (sounds futuristic, doesn’t it? I say that every year though.).