“Modern Dread” Video Premiere

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27 November 2014

“Modern Dread” is a track off of Some More Terror, a release featuring 11 tracks of more filmic, instrumental synthesized soundscapes. The idea was always there to do some sort of promotional video for a track off the release, but in a different format from a standard DIY video for a “pop” song. The music afterall is very soundtrack influenced and so hey, why not try and make a tiny little film?

Serving up parts of psychedelic dream collages, abstract horror and a bit of absurdist black humour, this short film comes with inspiration from the more darker, surreal Kids In The Hall sketches, Wim Wenders, Ian Svenonius, the French commentator from The Day Today, film collage of Kenneth Anger, bad subtitling on foreign films and stilted acting. And yes, perhaps a bit Lynchian, a tag that most viewers may tie this to.

This is the first of a couple of video projects currently being worked on so there’ll be more in the not so distant future.

Most of the footage was shot on location in Sheffield. A big thanks to MM Lyle of Marcel Wave for acting and assisting in this video. Enjoy.

A Filmic Fall

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17 November 2014

Having returned from a successful trip to Canada, things are now rolling back at the studio preparing the new upcoming album, You Never Know What Might Come Next. The final mixes are done and soon to be going into mastering. This new record will be released sometime after the new year in 2015 on Desire.

In the mean time production work has begun on some promotional films, for both the new album as well as the recently released Some More Terror; a cassette/digital album of more synthesizer soundscape instrumentals. Shooting has begun on a short film for the track “Modern Dread”, which is arguable one of the more minimal, dronier tracks on that release. This film will feature a bit of acting from yours truly! Here are a couple of stills from the source footage:

Modern Dread : Film Still 1

Modern Dread : Film Still 2

This coming Friday is the premiere of the Der Hammer club night here in Sheffield. The night is curated with MM Lyle of Marcel Wave; a Sheffield Synthesizer night. There will be a live Soft Riot performance along with a set by locals The Silent Age. Guest DJs are friends Less Than Zero (Berlin/London). Here is the event below: SHEFFIELD SYNTHESIZER NIGHT Synthpop, Postpunk and Wave Happenings in The Steel City. Your host DJs are JJD + Lady Boy. |…

Finally, SOFT RIOT is booking new shows in 2015. A number of shows are being booked in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and beyond starting February 2015 so do get in touch if you want Soft Riot to come to your town. Thanks.

Mixing the New Album Plus Other Things

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25 October 2014

Mixing SOFT RIOT at Flesh & Bone StudiosSo there’s been a number of things going on this fall and insight to all of those activities are found in this one convenient digest.

First off, the new proper Soft Riot album, You Never Know What Might Come Next, was mixed earlier this month in London at Flesh & Bone Studios. On mixing duties was Owen Pratt, formerly of Noi Kabát. There are eight tracks in total and they’ll be released early next year on Desire out of France. Later on this fall production will commence on a couple of promotional videos that will hopefully coincide with the release of the album.

Soft Riot plays in Vancouver BC tonight at “Grey Area”. More information on this event here. If you miss this one there’s plans to come back to play more shows in Canada and the US next year.

While in Vancouver there was a drop in at the studios of I Die: You Die, a go-to Vancouver-based music website for all things electronic and and synth/wave/industrial, etc. The result is an interview with ID:UD host Bruce Lord about Soft Riot and an old Vancouver-based project A Luna Red. You can check that interview out here.

A new night called Der Hammer, curated by JJD and Lady Boy (Marcel Wave) kicks off on November 21st in Sheffield at Dada Bar. This will hopefully be the first of a number of regular nights, with live performances by Soft Riot and The Silent Age, as well as DJing by your hosts and Less Than Zero (Berlin/London). Find out more about this event here.

Finally, keep your eyes on this space for further live shows in 2015. Currently announced shows in the Live Events section.

Thanks again for your support.

Interview with I Die: You Die

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25 October 2014

“On this extremely rambling episode of We Have a Technical, Alex and Bruce have a jaw with Vancouver ex-pat Jack Duckworth of Soft Riot. It’s a fun conversation sandwiched between a lot of blather about Spotify, records we’re enjoying and a lot of other nonsense that will undoubtedly test your patience. Jack’s playing a Soft Riot show in Van on Friday, and we thought this’d be a good chance to reminisce about his well-remembered synthpunk project A Luna Red, as well as the off-beat, moody synth vibes Soft Riot’s been working…”

We Have a Technical #32: Anonymous and Euphoric

We Have a Technical #32: Anonymous and Euphoric this extremely rambling episode of We Have a Technical, Alex and Bruce have a jaw with Vancouver ex-pat Jack Duckworth of Soft Riot. It’s a fun conversation sandwiched…

Keluar Shows Completed, TSTI Remix Released

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23 September 2014

Keluar @ Apocalyptic Factory, Mannheim DEAfter many journeys on trains, trains and automobiles, the Soft Riot machine is back in Sheffield after a successful string of shows with Keluar in Netherlands, France and Germany. Thanks to all the promoters, venues, old friends, new friends and all of those who came out. More shows for 2014 will be coming before a break to gear up things for the upcoming album.

Soft Riot’s re-worked version for TSTI‘s Evaluated album is finally available to the public this week. After finishing “Queen Of Swoons (Soft Riot’s Rituals Version)” last fall, the track now sees a release in LP and CD as a regular and deluxe format. You can listen to this track streamed below.