SOFT RIOT | Some More TerrorThe latest offering Some More Terror is now available for pre-order in Europe through the Desire Records website. The album comes in cassette and digital format, the latter which will be available once the cassette ships. Sanity Muffin will be releasing the North American version of the cassette with different artwork.

Some More Terror is a a collection of instrumental soundtrack style recordings that were composed and documented in the winter of 2013-2014 (as well as a bit in the summer of 2014) in between sessions recording the next proper Soft Riot album, You Never Know What Might Come Next, which will be unveiled to all in the not so distant future. You can listen to the track “Private Lives At Dawn” below:

And more press on that below and through Peek-A-Boo (Belgium):

Soft Riot Releases Instrumental Cassette 'Some More Terror,' Plots Sophomore LP • News •

Soft Riot Releases Instrumental Cassette ‘Some More Terror,’ Plots Sophomore LP • News • exclaim.ca Soft Riot (a.k.a. Jack Duckworth) is plotting out his full-length follow-up to 2013’s Fiction Prediction, the Sheffield-based darkwave figure will first deliver a limited-edition cassett…

In the meantime the new promotional video for “Your Own Private Underworld” has been getting around:

“Soft Riot releases video for “Your Own Private Underworld,” readies new records” | Ghettoblaster Magazine

Week in Pop | Impose Magazine (29 August 2014)

FINALLY — more shows being added. Soft Riot hits the UK, Canada and Europe (with Keluar) this fall!

Released as a single ahead of the Fiction Prediction album last year, the promotional video for the track “Your Own Private Underworld” has now premiered and is available for viewing online. The video was shot in London by Wild Beast Productions. Credits are as follows:

Director / DOP / Editor / Mikko Makela
Assistant Director / Assistant Camera / James Watson
Additional Assistance / MM Lyle
Figure / Benedict Douglas Stewardson
©2014 Wild Beast Productions

Fiction Prediction is still available through the vendors outlined here. You can check out the video for the other track from the album, “Cinema Eyes”, here.

Some More Terror

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18 July 2014

SOFT RIOT | Some More TerrorSome More Terror is the next of two full-length releases coming from SOFT RIOT. This recording containing 11 tracks of instrumental, ambient-influenced synth sounds and acts as a slight detour between the previous album, Fiction Prediction, and the proper follow-up to come called You Never Know What Might Come Next.

Some More Terror will be released by Sanity Muffin (US) in the Americas and Desire (FR) in Europe. It will be released in a nice, fat C60 cassette format as well as digital. The US and European releases will have slightly different sleeve artwork.

Taking as much inspiration from films and their soundtracks as much as electronic, post-punk music itself, this recording is intended to flow as an atmospheric backdrop to the surroundings of the bizarre, somewhat dystopian 21st Centuryworld that we all live in. It’s meant to be a more political record, although eschewing the standard route most music takes in that fashion, opting to emphasize that feeling in the song titling, sounds, and extended artwork in the cassette release.

More information, including ordering and release date information, to come soon. In the meantime here’s the tracklisting:

01 : Things Behind Boardroom Doors
02 : A Cosmic Disappointment
03 : As You Feel The Dark Side Of Progress
04 : Memoirs Of A Well Dressed Parasite
05 : Modern Dread
06 : Private Lives At Dawn
07 : Momentary Lapse In A Crowd
08 : The Boys From Eton
09 : Strange Phenomena
10 : The Commuters III
11 : Some More Terror

Soft Riot In Steel City

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14 July 2014

Sheffield Map from 1980

Map of Sheffield from 1890.

After kick-starting things in early 2011 in London, England, SOFT RIOT has now set up base in the northern UK city of Sheffield. There’s a view of trees from the window of the new studio and rolling hills in the distance. Sheffield has a interesting history of experimental and electronic music, as well as the Pennines a short distance away.

Moving forward there’s a number of shows coming up, including Leeds on the 27th and Sheffield on August 1st. A short tour with Berlin’s Keluar (you can check out Soft Riot’s recent remix for their track “Kleo” here) in September in France, Netherlands and Germany. More details on these events in the Live Events section.

More things to announce soon but that’s it for now!

Due to some complications with the event, I’ve been informed that this week’s show at Corsica Studios for Garçonne has been postponed. Apologies for those that have bought tickets and/or who were planning to attend. There’s a possible rescheduling of this event down the line but no details on that yet.’m really sorry to have to announce this, but Thursday’s Garçonne is sadly cancelled + postponed for a later date. I’ll share more later but everyone who has so…

Upcoming shows include the first night of Herzinfarkt, a new series of events myself and MM Lyle of A Terrible Splendour are looking to push up in our soon-to-be new homebase Sheffield. Our first night is at Redhouse Sheffield with live performances by Soft Riot and Jan Doyle Band (Doncaster) with ourselves and guest Mo Dettes DJing. You can check out the event below, or join us on our very new Facebook Page and Group. AUGUST 2014 SOFT RIOT JAN DOYLE BAND … with DJs Ladyboy (A Terrible Splendour, Marcel Wave) + JJD (Soft Riot) Synthpop • Minimal • New Wave • Post-Punk • Coldwave Italo •…