New Two-Song Digital Single Out Now!

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14 March 2014

SOFT RIOT's "The Garden Party / Read You Like An Electronic Book"The new digital single “The Garden / Read You Like An Electronic Book” is out now as a FREE download from the ongoing Everything Is Chemical virtual 7″ series. These two tracks are outtakes from the recording sessions that resulted in all of the tracks the make up the Fiction Prediction album. “The Garden” was previously unfinished for a number of years and then completed in fall 2013. “Read You Like An Electronic Book” was a track from the original Hyperbolic Masses demo that was sent to various record labels in fall 2011.

You can download the single here.

More information on this release can be found here:

SOFT RIOT | The Garden Party / Read You Like An Electronic Book

SOFT RIOT | The Garden Party / Read You Like An Electronic Book Release on 13 March 2014 “The Garden Party / Read You Like An Electronic Book” is Soft Riot‘s contribution to the Everything Is Chemical virtual 7? series. These are two tracks that were put aside during the writing and … Continue reading ?

The Last Wave

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11 March 2014

Film_142w_LastWave_originalSo far this year of two-thousand and fourteen has been a bit bitter. I’ve been more and more reluctant to engage in personal affairs through the online medium, but it’s definitely been a struggle to fend of large and colossal waves of misanthropy about the state of world, and the creeping demons that linger around in London in the form of money, gentrification and… well, I don’t need to go into it. Maybe things come in waves and I’ll find inspiration again soon, as it has before. Maybe I need some sort of shaking out of habit. Who knows.



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01 March 2014

Morgiana 01There’s nothing like a good ol’ fashioned jealousy-and-revenge story and there’s nothing like a good ol’ fashioned poisoning to provide some late night entertainment. That is all provided in Morgiana, a 1972 gothic/horror film by then Czechoslovak director Juraj Herz. I understand this this film is from the later “Czech New Wave” period and falls in line with similar films like Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders by another Czech director, Jamoril Jireš, or even Herz’s other films (which I have yet to see) like Petrolejové lampy (Oil Lamps) or Spalova? mrtvol (The Cremator).


The Night Of The Hunter

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27 February 2014

Night Of The HunterThis mid-1950s expressionist gem is fresh off the memory, having watched it for the first time last evening at the house of the sister (Joy) of one MM Lyle. Joy happens to have a pretty good in depth knowledge of old school horror films and literature, and this film fitting in well with that.

The Night Of The Hunter (dir. Charles Laughton) stars Robert Mitchum as the main antagonist, a con-man and murderer using the role of a preacher as a guise to carry out his dirty deeds of killing lonely ladies and then trying to extort whatever savings they might have laying around for his benefit.


Kamikaze 1989

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25 February 2014

Kamikaze 1989…And we’re back… from tour and still eager to mine the archives of films to share with all you out there. This time having opted for a brief overview of the 1982 “West German cyberpunk thriller” Kamikaze 1989, directed by Wolf Gremm. The main character in this film, Lieutenant Jansen, is played by a later-period, sweat-drenched, chain-smoking Rainer Werner Fassbinder, whose character throughout the whole film seems to be wearing only a leopard-print suit. A “unique” choice of outfit for a plain-clothes police detective as it’s definitely not inconspicuous.