Soft Riot remixes Keluar

17 April 2014

This past fall Soft Riot was asked by friends in the Berlin duo Keluar to remix one of their tracks from their first EP, Ennoea, released on Desire. Choosing the track “Cleo”, it was reworked into something new but continuing some of the same atmospheres of the original. After being archived for several months awaiting a release date, this remix is available on the self-titled CD, Keluar, compiling the Ennoea and Vitreum EPs. You can also check out the remix on SoundCloud below:

dsr102 | Keluar | Keluar | desire

dsr102 | Keluar | Keluar | desire CD ‘EPS’ compiles both ‘Ennoea’ and ‘Vitreum’ EPs with 2 unreleased remixes by Soft Riot and Distel.

A New Shop

25 March 2014

A Soft Riot web shop has now opened where physical copies of both Fiction Prediction and No Longer Stranger can be purchased, but also various merchandise items such as shirts and posters as well. If you’re living in the UK or Europe this provides you a one stop shop for all of these items that will ship out within seven days of ordering.

Digital versions of these two albums can still be found at Other Voices and Volar Records.

Other items available in the shop include the one and only EP by Savage Furs, a goth/pop post-punk that was around between 2010-2011 including JJD and Chris Gilbert of Mild Peril in it’s ranks. This is available as a digital download or 12″ vinyl.

The new shop is hosted within BandCamp and can be access by clicking SHOP in the menu or by going through the link below.

Merch | Soft Riot

Merch | Soft Riot Riot is JJD, a former Vancouverite based out of London, uses a lot of antiquated equipment and lighting performing sinister, minimalist electronic “pop” songs…

A Terrible SplendourSoft Riot will be out tour again for three dates in early May with London’s A Terrible Splendour, a synthpop band who released the album Poseurs on the label Desire in 2013. Both bands will be touring for support of their most recent albums, in Soft Riot’s case for Fiction Prediction.

Dates are still being booked but here’s the itinerary as it stands now. If you wish to bring both bands to your city, please make contact by email.

Thursday, May 1st : France/Belgium TBA
Friday, May 2nd : Paris FR, TBA
Saturday, May 3rd : Nantes FR, TBA

Hopefully we will see some of you from the continent out at the shows. More news to come in due time…

SOFT RIOT's "The Garden Party / Read You Like An Electronic Book"The new digital single “The Garden / Read You Like An Electronic Book” is out now as a FREE download from the ongoing Everything Is Chemical virtual 7″ series. These two tracks are outtakes from the recording sessions that resulted in all of the tracks the make up the Fiction Prediction album. “The Garden” was previously unfinished for a number of years and then completed in fall 2013. “Read You Like An Electronic Book” was a track from the original Hyperbolic Masses demo that was sent to various record labels in fall 2011.

You can download the single here.

More information on this release can be found here:

SOFT RIOT | The Garden Party / Read You Like An Electronic Book

SOFT RIOT | The Garden Party / Read You Like An Electronic Book Release on 13 March 2014 “The Garden Party / Read You Like An Electronic Book” is Soft Riot‘s contribution to the Everything Is Chemical virtual 7? series. These are two tracks that were put aside during the writing and … Continue reading ?

Merci Beaucoup To You

24 February 2014

Having been back in London for around four hours now, it seemed like a proper thank you was in order while still riding high on the fumes of a few fantastic days out on tour in France and Belgium with Női Kabát. A massive thanks to Coco and the Romance Moderne crew in Brussels, along with Café Central for the hospitality. Thanks to Rebecca, Agathe, Mateo and the Le Klub folks in Paris for a fun night that left us completely satisfied and drained of energy (in a good way!). Thanks to Nicholas, Isaure and the DMA Gallerie folk in Rennes for a packed and crazed night. It was a a grand trip. And of course Dee, Jonas and Mark for the grand times on the road. See some of you again in May! A selection of photos from the trip below. Credits to Rob DSOAudio, Anna Bat and Karen Bach for some of the live photos.