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In the running up to the live show at The Bedroom Bar, London UK for Abattoir this coming Wednesday, Feb 19th, here’s a mix and short interview conducted with Abattoir (from their official site) :

Soft Riot interview for ABATTOIR live and an exclusive mix | abattoirtheparty

Soft Riot interview for ABATTOIR live and an exclusive mix | abattoirtheparty am JJD of SOFT RIOT, sometimes lovingly referred to as Mr. Riot. With music in general I had an interest from a young age with a strange variety of influences. There was…

01. Johan Strauss “Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30”
02. Green Magnet School “Throb” (1992)
03. Gina X Performance “Weekend Twist” (1980)
04. Frank (Just Frank) “Coeur Hanté” (2010)
05. Images In Vogue “S&M” (1980)
06. Dangerous Boys Club (DBC) “Electric” (2013)
07. Magas “Too Much Fear” (2003)
08. Ein-st-ein “Varsavia” (1985)
09. Scritti Politti “Absolute (Bigar Extended Edit)” (1984)

1) Tell us a bit about yourself… when and how did your relationship with music start?
I am JJD of SOFT RIOT, sometimes lovingly referred to as Mr. Riot. With music in general I had an interest from a young age with a strange variety of influences. There was fragments of synth pop here in there, as you would have growing up in the 80s, such as Depeche Mode and even sort of the 80s output of Rush, Yes, Saga etc as my stepdad was heavily listening to that stuff.

I also had an intuitive interest in left field classical stuff like Bartok or Ligeti. As I became a teen in the following decades I got into a lot of punk and post-hardcore; music that was quite frantic and experimental with bands like Nation Of Ulysses, Fugazi, Hoover and boatload of others people have never heard of.

I could go on with this timeline but as far as Soft Riot is concerned, that started in bits and pieces around 2006 when I was looking to do a project with a bit more atmosphere and minimalism after many years of playing in high energy bands. I didn’t really release anything though until early 2011 and things sort of have picked up a spritely momentum since then.

2) The song/album/artist you’re obsessed with right now
Right at this moment? I’ve been watching a lot of archives of mid to late 70s paranormal TV shows that were aired originally on BBC and HTV (no longer exists). The soundtracks Sydney Sager did for Children Of The Stones and Into The Labyrinth are quite interesting. This might sound really self-absorbed but as I’ve been recording a lot of new material I’d have to say by default I’ve been obsessed with them, listening and re-listening.

But to mention a couple of current artists I’ve listened to lately, the chiming guitar tones of Frank, Just Frank are good when working on non-music stuff in the home studio. Also, Dangerous Boys Club (DBC) have some really great synth sounds, veterans of many bands I grew up with.

3) And 10 years a go?
Well, 10 years ago I was likely listening to a lot of stuff on labels like GSL or Troubleman but I’d say likely DJ Hell, Der Plan, Kill Me Tomorrow, Magas, pre-disco Chromatics, stuff like that really.

4) Your favourite club in the world
Hmmm — tough question. I’ve been to many different nights in many different cities in many different countries. Most recently I played for the night Sect in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. A small but great little scene there. I kind of like venues or clubs in smaller cities that don’t have the crazy real estate speculation like London does and kind of let the creatives do their own thing with a place that’s huge, interesting and cheap to rent. I’ve been to clubs like this in Antwerp, Freiberg and Providence RI, just to name a few, and the vibe there is more about community and making fucking cool music and art rather than trying to pull £4000 at the bar or whatever…

5) What to expect from your performance at ABATTOIR Live
One guy playing many synths in a frenzy of fog and lights, accompanied by soundbites and occasional dry banter. This is the first show of a few dates in Europe so I’m hoping to perhaps try out some new material at the show that hasn’t been played live before. This all depends on how much precious time I can fit that in. Finishing shooting up a video before the show so there’s lots going on. There Just Isn’t Enough Time.

6) What’s your secret talent?
I’m a pretty good cook and on most evenings I’m making a pretty fucking fantastic meal. I also made cider in the fall which was a bit tart bit had that subtle alcoholic sneak attack.

7) Close your eyes and think about the word Abattoir…what comes in mind?
Well, with the meaning of the work and what we’ve been taught to associate with it, I do sometimes find myself thinking the word could also apply to a very solemn French ceremony or gorgeously decorated Rococo style room.

8) Meat?
Vegetarian since 1994.