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A 3-hour SOFT RIOT-curated playlist is now available online from TXTBK’s CHV?CH XV B?XK3N 7ANGvAG3 Radio on the online station This set, split into two parts, aired Sunday, 23 September 2012.

Part I starts off with an introduction by JJD himself and then moves into 7-8 tracks showcasing a selection of the current crop of London/UK synth/wave artists rising on the scene. This first half then moves onto a personally (and randomly) picked selection of similar artists from eras old and new.

Part II moves on with an explosion of energy from a personal and influential selection of avant garde, noise, post-hardcore and prog-punk bands from the last 10-20 years, building up to a free-floating drift of the last hour of the set, which swings into atmospheric, cinematic sounds.

TXTBK's CHVRCH XV BRXK3N 7ANGvAG3 - Radio | Facebook

TXTBK’s CHVRCH XV BRXK3N 7ANGvAG3 – Radio | Facebook’s CHVRCH XV BRXK3N 7ANGvAG3. Tune in every Sunday 7pm Pacific / 10pm EST at for a new mix by Textbeak or a guest.



• Excerpt from the film “THE SHOUT” (1978)
• JJD Intro Segment (over intro to SOFT RIOT “How Can You See Them?”)
• SOFT RIOT “Cinema Eyes” 2012
• NOI KABÁT “I Corrode” 2012
• DAVE I.D. “ILikeTheSoundOfThemWithoutMe” 2009
• LEBANON HANOVER “Kunst” 2012
• A TERRIBLE SPLENDOUR “China Doll” 2012
• MILD PERIL “Orb Two” 2012
• LINEA ASPERA “Synapse” 2012
• LEBANON HANOVER “Die World (Soft Riot’s Ice Cave Version)” 2012
• FUNERALS “Aitu (Radio Edit)” 2011
• ANIMAL BODIES “Thought and Conquence” 2011
• KONNICHIWA “Maiden China” 2011
• THE FLOOR “Glass Heart” 2005
• AUTOMELODI “Buanderie Jazz” 2010
• LAZER CRYSTAL “Love Rhombus” 2011
• PSYCHE “Unveiling The Secret” 1986
• LONG HIND LEGS “Alphabet of Unreason” 1996
• RONNY “To Have And Have Not” 1981
• BAUHAUS “Of Lillies and Remains” 1981
• BEAUTIFUL SKIN “Inhiding” 2000
• MAGAS “Statue” 2009
• Excerpt from the film “REPO MAN” over title credits music from the film “FUTURE KILL”


• Excerpt intro from NATION OF ULYSSES “N-Sub Ulysses”
• JJD Intro Segment (over SOFT RIOT “Incident A”)
• U.S. MAPLE “Bumps and Guys” 1999
• GET HUSTLE “Revolution Van” 2005
• NOMEANSNO “Madness and Death” 1992
• YEAR FUTURE “The Hidden Hand” 2006
• SKULL CONTROL “Long Wave” 2002
• OKARA “Corona” 1995
• ICE AGE “Total Drench” 2010
• GREEN MAGNET SCHOOL “Sonic Exterminator” 1991
• GIRLS AGAINST BOYS “Crash 17 (X-Rated Car)” 1996
• SLINT “Nosferatu Man” 1991
• ANTIOCH ARROW “Gotta Love The Lights” 1994
• MINOX “Hybrid (Of A Tight Laugh)” 1986
• TANGERINE DREAM “Grind” (from the soundtrack to the film SORCERER) 1977
• COIL “Dark River” 1991
• YELLOWKNIVES “Sweat Logic” 2007
• IKE YARD “Losses” 1981
• SECOND LAYER “Black Flowers” 1981
• DESTROYER “Ravers” 2009
• LABRADFORD “Star City, Russia” 1995
• MARTIJN COMES “Piano Red” 2012
• TONY BANKS “Crio” 1978
• A LUNA RED “Exit” 2001
• Excerpt from the film “PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK”