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Fad GadgetI’ll save the long-winded personal reflections for this mix and just deliver it straight as it is: a representative slice out of the pool of synth-saturated, future-thinking music that I love, namely between the years of 1978 to 1985. A number of these tracks have been with me for a long while, thrown in crusty old mix tapes for people or rotated as vinyl on the decks back when I used to DJ quite frequently in the early naughties. Some of them are more recent discoveries. Some are recommendations or discoveries from friends over the years. Some of the tracks are by bands that had some notable popularity at the time and others more obscured by time (well, we can all admit blogging and the internet has unearthed quite a few of them!).

As most of my vinyl sits in some random storage warehouse in a suburb of Vancouver, a number of these tracks existed as digital counterparts to the vinyl or they were new numbers that were unearthed through the magic of the internet. There was plenty to select from and then condensed down to this mix, so I’ll likely compile a “Synth or Swim II” in the near future.


1. MEN WITHOUT HATS | Antarctica 1981
3. SPARKS | Tryouts For The Human Race 1979
4. UNITS | Digital Stimulation 1980
5. SECOND LAYER | In Bits 1981
6. DATA | Fallout 1980
7. SYLVIA | Das Ende Von Traum 1980
8. SEVERED HEADS | Halo 1984
9. NOVEMBER GROUP | Flatland 1982
10. CHROME | Eyes In The Center 1980
11. STEVEN GRANDELL | Burn My Eyes1983
12. RONNY | To Have And Have Not 1982
13. IKE YARD | NCR 1982
14. JOHN FOXX | Plaza 1980
15. GRAUZONE | Film 2 1981
16. AUTUMN | Time Is On Our Side 198?
17. CABARET VOLTAIRE | Sensoria 1984
18. FRONT 242 | GVDT 1981
19. JAPAN | Still Life In Mobile Homes 1981
20. EDDIE AND SUNSHINE | Lines 1982
21. KAS PRODUCT | So Young But So Cold 1981
22. ANNE CLARK | Bursting 1984
23. ALEXANDER ROBOTNICK | Problèmes D’Amour 1983
24. CHRIS AND COSEY | Heartbeat 1980
25. FAD GADGET | Ricky’s Hand 1979