Vinyl version of new album shipping now

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23 September 2015

Soft Riot | You Never Know What Might Come Next | LP coverOut officially on September 19th on the Paris-based label EXBTN Records, the vinyl version of the newest album You Never Know What Might Come Next is now available for ordering and shipping on their website. Copies of the record will soon be available in the Soft Riot store as well.

The vinyl version features the artwork in silver and black ink as well as a digital download code for the album. The digital version of this album is of course available, along with the limited edition CD of the album which will soon be out of stock.

You can play the album on the player below and buy your copy from there.

Here’s an in-depth feature on the album on the UK music blog Friedrichstrasse:

Friedrich Strasse: Soft Riot-You Never Know What Might Come Next

Friedrich Strasse: Soft Riot-You Never Know What Might Come Next“You Never Know What Might Come Next”…further develops and fine-tunes Soft Riot’s evolving minimal, atmospheric sound that started gaining momentum on the…

Finally, Soft Riot will be out playing shows in the UK and Europe in the fall, starting with dates in Sheffield for the Sensoria Festival and then in Paris with the legendary Parade Ground. In November there’ll be a week-and-a-half long tour of the UK and Europe with friends Uncanny Valley (Owen from Noi Kabát‘s new band) and Hausfrau from Glasgow. Check out the Live Events section for more details.

If you would like Soft Riot to perform in your city, please .

With the official release date of the album You Never Know What Might Come Next on 19 September 2015 on EXBTN, the video for the title track officially premieres today with streams on Canada’s music website Exclaim! and the US music site Ghettoblaster.

The video, shot mainly in the Peak District (UK), plays on the what the title of the song might mean with a little bit of what usually is the underlying black humour bubbling to the surface a little bit.

You can watch the video here:

SOFT RIOT will be routing the album in the fall, more notably November with the following schedule so far. A lot of the tour is booked if you are in Belgium, Netherlands or Germany and are interested in booking a show, please . Thanks.

A September Release and Fall Dates

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14 August 2015

After a bit of a delay the official release of the new album You Never Know What Might Come Next will occur next month, September 2015 on Exhibition Records. There is some work getting all the announcements and things set up behind the scenes.

A new video for the title track “You Never Know What Might Come Next” will premiere very soon. In the meantime here’s another streamable track from the album, “You Are A Caged Dancer”:

The limited edition CD version of this album is out and there are some copies still available. This version contains four extra bonus tracks. You can listen to and purchase that album from the Soft Riot store.

Finally, SOFT RIOT will be embarking on tour dates in the UK, France, Germany and more in the fall of 2015, including a date during the Sheffield festival Sensoria in early October. There will be further UK dates in Oct/Nov as well as a few shows in France in late October.

In mid-November dates are currently being lined up with friends Noi Kabát and Hausfrau in Germany. Some dates have been confirmed so far but if you wish to help book a show in Germany/Belgium during this time do get in touch.

Dates will be added to the LIVE EVENTS section soon.

Soft Riot | You Never Know What Might Come Next | LP coverIt’s been a couple of months since there’s been a news update on this site so here it is! First off, the official vinyl/digital version of the new album, You Never Know What Might Come Next, which was set for a June release, has been delayed to number of backlogs prevalent in the vinyl pressing industry these days. The record is now currently in the manufacturing stage and there will be an official announcement through the label Exhibition in the near future as well as pre-order information. So sit tight! At this point it’s likely a late summer release.

In the meantime you can still order the limited edition CD version of which there are still copies left.

A promotional video for the title track is done and ready to go and will have a premiere once the release information on the album is out.

There are tour dates in the UK and Europe for the autumn of 2015 in the works and more news on that will be announced soon.

In the meantime, a re-worked version of the track “Minimum” by Vancouver synthpop duo Sur Une Plage premiered in the last few days and is available as a free download! Sur Une Plage is Joshua Wells and Colin McKill, the former with whom also plays in Black Mountain and Lightning Dust — Josh and myself were also in the post-punk band Radio Berlin a good number of years ago so it’s been a great pleasure to join up again on this track. Josh also contributes some production skills on the alternate version of the title track from You Never Know What Might Come Next, available as a bonus on the limited edition CD version.

That’s it for now! Soft Riot will be playing a couple local Sheffield dates this summer, mainly for the purpose of trying out a new live set-up that will be rolled out for future dates starting the fall. Thanks for your support.

Dr. Caligari & Remote Control

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01 June 2015

Dr Caligari film coverSo here we are, half a year later and picking up Film Klub again. I haven’t stopped watching film in that time but a lot of time has been spent doing music and planning things for Soft Riot, as well as design work as JJD Works. To quote a Soft Riot song, “There Just Isn’t Enough Time”

This is a short entry about two films that I’ve watch a number of years apart from one another: Dr. Caligari and Remote Control, both from around the same time period: 1989 and 1988 respectively.

I’ve grouped these two cult films together as they have some aesthetic and subjectual similarities. Both are very stylised underground 80s films that play a lot of colour and quirky plots but also take a bit of inspiration from novelty science fiction films of the 1940s and 1950s.