On the 7th of April Soft Riot spoke to the folks at Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft in the form on a 20 minute long interview for their ongoing digital radio show and podcast. Towards the end of the interview the track “You’ve Been A Seeker For Long Enough” is played (the b-side to the “Your Own Private Underworld” single) and the track “Bronze Contempt” by Dance Naked, for whom JJD did the artwork for under the JJD Works moniker. Dance Naked were a London/Coventry “synth-goth” group who were mainly active between 1986-1988 and are re-releasing their cassette material in the form of an LP on the Berlin-based label Aufnahme + Wiedergabe. Here is the archive of that interview, which starts at around the 20 minute mark:

Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 17 |

Donkaster Elektronische Freundschaft Radio Episode 17 | Doyle Band – Fighters Gertrude Stein – U Bahn John Foxx – A Long Time Soft Riot interview Soft Riot – You’ve Been a Seeker for Long Enough Dance…

Soft Riot remixes Keluar

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17 April 2014

This past fall Soft Riot was asked by friends in the Berlin duo Keluar to remix one of their tracks from their first EP, Ennoea, released on Desire. Choosing the track “Cleo”, it was reworked into something new but continuing some of the same atmospheres of the original. After being archived for several months awaiting a release date, this remix is available on the self-titled CD, Keluar, compiling the Ennoea and Vitreum EPs. You can also check out the remix on SoundCloud below:

dsr102 | Keluar | Keluar | desire

dsr102 | Keluar | Keluar | desire CD ‘EPS’ compiles both ‘Ennoea’ and ‘Vitreum’ EPs with 2 unreleased remixes by Soft Riot and Distel.

A New Shop

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25 March 2014

A Soft Riot web shop has now opened where physical copies of both Fiction Prediction and No Longer Stranger can be purchased, but also various merchandise items such as shirts and posters as well. If you’re living in the UK or Europe this provides you a one stop shop for all of these items that will ship out within seven days of ordering.

Digital versions of these two albums can still be found at Other Voices and Volar Records.

Other items available in the shop include the one and only EP by Savage Furs, a goth/pop post-punk that was around between 2010-2011 including JJD and Chris Gilbert of Mild Peril in it’s ranks. This is available as a digital download or 12″ vinyl.

The new shop is hosted within BandCamp and can be access by clicking SHOP in the menu or by going through the link below.

Merch | Soft Riot

Merch | Soft Riot Riot is JJD, a former Vancouverite based out of London, uses a lot of antiquated equipment and lighting performing sinister, minimalist electronic “pop” songs…

The Saddest Music In The World

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25 March 2014

The Saddest Music In the World : TitleLet’s change up things a bit here and write about a film that’s a) been produced within the last 10-15 years and b) that’s got a sense of humour to it, especially after the last two entries in this Filmklub section have been a bit heavy handed. I actually do have a complex sense of humour (well, at least I think I do) that teeters in the colour “black” quite a bit.

The Saddest Music In The World, which premiered in 2003, is likely the most well-known films by Guy Maddin, a director based out of Winnipeg, Canada. All of his films have a very trademark style, which emulates the old expressionist silent films of the 1920s and pairs them up with a more fantastical, cut-up art school sensibility. I saw the film shortly after it came out and I have to admit I was only vaguely aware of him before that time, and I mainly endeavoured to see the film merely based on the seemingly monumental weight of the film’s title. “What is the saddest music in the world? What an odd title…”


Altered States

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20 March 2014

Altered States - Featured ImageAt the very beginning of the year I had procured a copy of a Ken Russell biography with the ridiculous title of Phallic Frenzy. It was found in a charity shop in some distant London suburb called West Wickham. Actually, there were a number of interesting books found there but this is the one I’ve started reading. Given that I thought it would be grand to log in an entry about my favourite of Russell’s films, and I’ve seen the majority of them.

Whereas Russell’s more familiar “trademark” work revolves around music, in particular giving a campy, rock-n-roll spin to classic composers complete with lots of sexualised, surrealistic symbolic imagery, Altered States, while keeping a lot of those trademarks, is a more sinister science-fiction based film.